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  • Upcoming Events: April 21 – 22, 2016 : Comet Workshop

    April 21 – 22, 2016 : A 2-Day Continuing Membership Education & Training (Comet) Workshop Titled: Achieving Peak Performance Through Effective Financial Planning and Administration in a Recessed Economy




To be eligible for the examination each candidate is required to:

  1. be a registered student of the Institute
  2. pay annual subscription and other levies
  3. pay examination fees
  4. be a student of an approved study centre
  5. have up to 70% class attendance


  1. The applicant or aspiring student will pay the prescribed form fee
  2. The applicant will approach any CIA office or a Tuition Centre of his/her choice with evidence (i.e teller) of payment and collect the application forms along with other information necessary for him/her to complete the forms properly e.g. Syllabus, exemption criteria, etc.
  3. The applicant will take the forms away to complete and return directly to the Institute or through the tuition centres.
  4. A clean copy of the evidence of payment of the form fee must be attached to the forms.
  5. Forms submitted without this evidence will not be processed.
  6. The forms will be examined and assessed for exemptions eligibility and each applicant will be informed of the outcome of his/her application.
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Membership of our Institute can be gained only by passing the institute’s professional membership qualifying examination the ACIA and fulfilling the practical experience requirement.


Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)

Its Objective is to develop fundamental knowledge in the theory and practice of general business organization, the Nigeria business organization, and the functional areas of business organization


ACIA Professional Certificate

Its objectives are to:

  1. Train Chartered Administrators for entitites in manufacturing, commercial or service organizations, in the public or private sector of the economy
  2. To examine whether prospective members have an adequate knowledge, understanding and mastery of the stated body of knowledge or skills
  3. To complement the institute's practical experience requirements