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The Examination Scheme


Experts today forecast that only multi-skilled professionals will be relevant to the needs of new management styles in the new millennium. This has been the vision of Chartered Institute of Administration right from its inception.

The Chartered Institute's professional examination scheme, which has always been based on a multi-disciplinary syllabi, is drawn to keep pace with the latest developments in professional administration techniques, make members more versatile and more relevant to the changing complexities of business practices in the new millennium as well as to reinforce the Chartered Institute's expertise in the wide area of professional practice bestowed on the Institute by its Enabling Act. The scheme comprises:

1) Diploma In Business Studies (DBS)
2) ACIA Professional Examination.


The programme, which is the Administrative Technician Examination of Chartered Institute of Administration, is principally aimed at:

1.0 Producing diplomates with sound theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out effectively a number of activities in any organisation. The DBS Diplomate should be able to:
1.1 Conduct a simple structured survey on any aspect of business and make appropriate recommendations to the authority.
1.2 Identify management problems at appropriate levels, analyze them and design management strategies to overcome them.
1.3 Carry out inspection and auditing of books and records.

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Duration is a minimum of two academic years where no exemptions are granted.


The minimum entry requirement for admission to Diploma in Business Studies Course is the GCE O’Level or its equivalent, with credits in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, and Economics obtained at not more than two sittings. Literature in English and Oral English will not be accepted in place of English Language.  


Exemptions on subject-for-subject basis may be granted to persons with recognized qualifications of suitable standards which indicate sufficient coverage of Diploma in Business Studies syllabus.  


The course structure comprises the following components: 1) Examination Subjects (Parts 1-4) ; 2) Project Writing; 3) Career Development Education and Training (CADET) Workshop; 4) Industrial Attachment.  

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Candidates may study full time, part time (weekends), or distance learning at any of the approved study centres in preparation for the examination.  


The parts 1, 2 and 3 and 4 examinations must be completed strictly in that sequence. All the subjects of a part must be taken together at a sitting, except where exempted or where referrals are held. Credit gained successfully in any subject of any Part of the Examination can be retained, to prevent unnecessary re-taking of the examinations


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Membership of our Institute can be gained only by passing the institute’s professional membership qualifying examination the ACIA and fulfilling the practical experience requirement.


Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)

Its Objective is to develop fundamental knowledge in the theory and practice of general business organization, the Nigeria business organization, and the functional areas of business organization


ACIA Professional Certificate

Its objectives are to:

  1. Train Chartered Administrators for entitites in manufacturing, commercial or service organizations, in the public or private sector of the economy
  2. To examine whether prospective members have an adequate knowledge, understanding and mastery of the stated body of knowledge or skills
  3. To complement the institute's practical experience requirements