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Membership Of Chartered Institute Of Administration


1.1Membership of the Institute is strictly by passing the Institute’s professional examination

and completing the practical experience prescribed; or holding a qualification accepted by the Institute as meeting its educational requirement and satisfies the council that he has had sufficient practical experience in the profession


      There are three grades of professional membership as listed below:      

a)     Associate (ACIA)

Any person who has satisfied the Council as to his academic and professional knowledge and has been in  continuous practice of Administration for a period not less than three (3) consecutive years

b)     Full Member (MCIA)

Any person who has satisfied the council as to his/her academic and professional knowledge and has been in continuous practice of Administration for a period not less than six (6) consecutive years and at least three (3) years as an Associate of the Institute in a senior appointment.

c)     Fellow (FCIA)

Fellowship is the highest grade of membership. Most applicants would have been associates and members for a time before applying for this grade but this is not always essential. Any person who has satisfied the council as to his/her academic and professional knowledge and has been in continuous practice of Administration for a period not less than ten (10) consecutive years, three (3) of which must be in a senior executive or administrative appointment in a substantial organization. And has in the opinion of the Council rendered special or outstanding service to the Institute.


1.2   Each applicant must complete Application Form for Membership, provide all the information in the form, and pay all prescribed fees.


1.3  Certificate of Membership

Every member shall be entitled to Certificate of Membership appropriate to the class to which he is elected and bearing the seal of the Institute. This Certificate shall remain the property of the Institute and shall be surrendered upon termination of the membership. If a member satisfies the council that the certificate of his membership has been lost or destroyed he may obtain from the Institute a duplicate copy thereof on payment of such fees as may be prescribed by the council from time to time. The Institute may register a member as an honorary Fellow After an election by the council. Fellows, Members and Associates of the Institute shall be entitled to use after their name the words `Fellow, Member or Associate of Chartered Institute of Administration respectively or the initials "FCIA (for Fellow), MCIA (for Member) and ACIA (for Associate)" and also use Adm. Before their name

1.4  Benefit of Membership

  1. Annual Conference to update members with the latest innovations in the practice of the profession.
  2. International networking with members across the globe.
  3. Membership practicing license of international recognition and ability to be an official course provider for Students preparing for the professional examinations of the institute.
  4. Global professional identification.
  5. Opportunity to feature in the Institute’s journal that provides a global platform for publication of professional articles.
  6. Exposure to global opportunities in Consultancy, Research and Practice of the Profession.
  7. Global cohesion of the profession to help provide formidable united voice in defense of the dignity and right of the profession.
  8. It will confer on you a Multi-Disciplinary Professional Status of Distinction; recognized by discerning employers for dynamic career advancement to the top echelon of corporate administration. This in addition gives you professional identity, separating you from the quacks.
  9. Being a Chartered Administrator will, with our additional professional practice training, qualify you to obtain Practicing Licence issued by the Governing Council

This will guarantee you self-employment as a chartered Administrator in Public Professional Practice; offering you professional consultancy services direct to the public covering the entire spectrum of multi-disciplinary professional administration specialisms, namely: General Management, Marketing, Purchasing & Supply, Human Capital Development, Finance, etc.




Membership of our Institute can be gained only by passing the institute’s professional membership qualifying examination the ACIA and fulfilling the practical experience requirement.


Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)

Its Objective is to develop fundamental knowledge in the theory and practice of general business organization, the Nigeria business organization, and the functional areas of business organization


ACIA Professional Certificate

Its objectives are to:

  1. Train Chartered Administrators for entitites in manufacturing, commercial or service organizations, in the public or private sector of the economy
  2. To examine whether prospective members have an adequate knowledge, understanding and mastery of the stated body of knowledge or skills
  3. To complement the institute's practical experience requirements