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drThe Chartered Institute of Administration is a professional and examining body established in 1987 and Chartered by Federal Government Act No.103 of 1992 - Now an Act of the National Assembly, Cap C7 Laws of The Federation of Nigeria, 2004. Also visit www.nigeria-law.org. The Act empowers the institute to, among other things; regulate the Standard and practice of Administration in Nigeria within a professional membership framework. Membership of the institute is strictly by examination and proof of practical experience.

The need for effective administration and thereby the creation of wealth and employment is universally recognized. We are a developing nation with vast economic resources and unless we have efficient administrators in the management of the various sectors of the economy, we shall not only fail to prosper as a country but our whole economic survival will be in jeopardy.

Recent Articles

Pension Reforms: Pension Fund Administration In Nigeria

Pension Fund Administration in Nigeria can be broken into two periods namely pre-2004 era and the new era beginning form July, 2004.

The purpose of a pension scheme is to provide the employees of an organization with a means of securing on retirement, a standard of living reasonably consistent with that they enjoyed while in service. In effect, it is the totality of plans, procedures and legal processes of securing and setting aside funds to meet the social obligations of care which employers owe their employees on retirement or in case of death. Thus, Pension Fund Administration is geared towards meeting the objective stated above. A well administered scheme will therefore serve as an incentive to new employees and helps to hold back experienced staff.

Managing Customer Satisfaction

In any commercial organization, marketing is the bedrock of business. Though in the last few years, we have seen that marketing is being embraced even in non-commercial organizations like Churches, Schools, professional Training Centres, Hospitals, professional firms etc, but not in all cases are people practicing what is known as marketing. Marketing started from early man.



Membership of our Institute can be gained only by passing the institute’s professional membership qualifying examination the ACIA and fulfilling the practical experience requirement.


Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)

Its Objective is to develop fundamental knowledge in the theory and practice of general business organization, the Nigeria business organization, and the functional areas of bisiness organization


ACIA Professional Certificate

Its objectives are to:

  1. Train Chartered Administrators for entitites in manufacturing, commercial or service organizations, in the pulic or private sector of the economy
  2. To examine whether prospective members have an adequate knowledge, understanding and mastery of the stated body of knowledge or skills
  3. To complement the institute's practical experience requirements